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A3dsViewer 1.9 version. 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7/8 are supported.


A3dsViewer 1.9 version. Built for Ubuntu. Should run with other Linux

distributions also.


  • Converts 3DS files to HTML5 (webgl, three.js) format.

  • Minify files - minimize java script and and HTML files size.
  • Combine to the one file - do output only one java script file.
  • Launch browser after export - do launch the default system browser after file export is finished.
  • Converts 3DS files to POV-Ray format.
    • Outputs a POV-Ray mesh2.
    • Provides possibility to output or ignore textures uv mapping.
    • Provides possibility to manage diffuse values.
  • Supports files drag and drop.
  • Supports command line .
    • Open file: A3dsViewer.exe file.3ds
    • Convert: A3dsViewer.exe -c file.3ds out_file.pov
  • Provides zooming possibility with mouse wheel.
  • Provides zoom to rectangle possibility with ctrl key down and left mouse button.
  • Possibility to preview 3ds model from different top, left, right, front, back and isometric views.
  • Shows bounding box.
  • Shows lights positions.
  • Shows cameras positions.
  • Possibility to download more than 400 3ds files for free.
  • Possibility to upload/share 3ds files.
  • Full screen mode.
  • Screenshot - jpg and png file formats supported.
  • Compress to zip - required only one click to get all texture files and 3ds file packed to the zip archive.


  • 400 Mhz Intel or AMD processor
  • 64 MB RAM

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